Reelxplorers is a creative storytelling video team that works with non-profits, organizations and businesses to extend their reach and gain better exposure to the issues they stand for. 

Powerful stories promote empathy and are one of the most influential tools for a cause. Through our ability to visualize a narrative and produce it on screen in a compelling way, we can help your audience understand and connect on a deeper level, inspiring them to act. 


Recently, we helped non-profits in Denver raise over $220,000 in donations. We can help you build awareness for your cause and inspire action.



We donate 2.5% of the profit from every video we make to organizations worldwide

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Working Together

While traveling through out Africa and South East Asia, we met people who made us look at the world in a different way.

They showed us how to see with more compassion and listen with more understanding. We started reelxplorers as a platform to create films for important causes worldwide. We want to bring a voice to those in the world that have little opportunity but a lot of heart. 



Co-Founder and Producer

From London, England, Mariessa has extensive experience in live television, working as a Director, Lines Booker, and Vision Mixer. She moved to the US and started reelxplorers because she has a deep desire to do good in this world and to help people. She brings her talents to reelxplorers, organizing and scheduling production, directing production, and guiding interviews, helping our clients put their ideas into a comprehensive and compelling story. She also shoots and edits, running the post production phase of a project.



Co-Founder and Director of Photography

Originally from California, Evan has over 20 years experience shooting and editing video. He has a bachelor's degree in TV/Broadcasting and became a freelance videographer in 2010. His excitement for cameras and creating beautiful images combined with a desire to do good in the world is why he co-founded reelxplorers with Mariessa. He directs the technical aspect of shoots, handling the lighting and camera equipment, composing shots, capturing audio, and operating the gimbal and drone.