Our process starts with a production meeting to discuss ideas, goals, expectations, and budget. Here, we will get to the root of the what and why of your video.

If you already have ideas in mind, we'd love to explore it further, expand on it and see how far we can push the limits. If you are unsure of the type of video you would like to create we will guide you through the process coming up with different options and ideas. Next, we will create a shooting schedule and get call sheets sent out! 

There are many aspects that go into creating an accurate budget for our projects. This includes  length, location, number of shoot days, number of edit days, talent, deadlines, number of cameras, lighting required, the list goes on! We send our clients a short questionnaire to fill out to help answer key questions that enable us to give a realistic quote. 

As a basic guide:

  • Small project (1-3 minutes) $2000-4000

  • Medium project (3-9 minutes) $5000- $ $14000

  • Large/multi video project $15000+


We understand budgets can be tight for non-profits. This is why we offer different programs and partnerships for those organizations who understand the value of an effective video but may not quite have the budget. Don't let your budget get in the way of achieving the exposure you organization needs. Contact us today to chat about how we can work together